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Outdoor Group for Young People

For Autumn 2023, professional counsellors Helen Breakwell and Sarah Mills will be starting a new outdoor group for young people. The outdoor group will take place in the Malvern Hills on Sunday 8 October from 11am-12.30. If you are 14-17 and live in the Malvern, Worcester and Ledbury area, book to join the group. Spaces are limited to 10 people, cost £35 for 90 minutes.  


Helen Breakwell, Integrative Counsellor, said, 'Working as counsellors we noticed how outdoor therapy can help teens with their wellbeing. More research is showing the benefits of nature for mental health, but it can be a struggle to get outdoors. This group for young people, is designed to show that they can enjoy being outside and connect with themselves and each other.'   


Sarah Mills, Accredited Counsellor, said, 'Taking a walk whilst appreciating nature can encourage young people to develop a sense of mindfulness. Being with a group can help perspective, awareness and bring the environment closer to our everyday lives.' ​​

Meet the Group Leaders

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