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Therapy information


  • Online and outdoor sessions available. 

  • Monday (day and evening), Tuesday (day and evening), Wednesday and Thursday. 

  • Outdoor sessions are in Malvern Hills, UK (Herefordshire and Worcestershire).


  • The cost is £50 for a 50 minute session (usually weekly).

  • Some lower cost sessions are available, please ask.

  • Payment by BACS transfer or payment link.


What to expect

If you'd like to talk through any questions you have before starting therapy, i'm happy to provide a phone consultation. In your first session I will ask you for some  details (for GDPR) and then you can start to share your story.  

Young people

Teenagers and their parent/carers may want more information about what's involved. We can talk through any questions by phone consultation. If a client is under 18 the parent/carer would usually join for part of the first session and we would agree on how to update on progress. 


Your sessions are confidential (I will explain any legal exceptions to this). I comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and will keep your details secure. More information is in the Privacy Policy.

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